Mental Health System

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DELA LUNA, Nicole Ysabel O. 2015-00067 BS 155 In a research conducted by the World Health Organization Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems (WHO-AIMS) regarding the mental health system in the Philippines (2006), it is stated that there is no existing law regarding the provision of mental health services in the country. A mere 5% of the total health budget is allotted on mental health and the major portions are designated on the maintenance and the operation of mental hospitals. These mental hospitals give medical care to 8.97 patients per 100,000 general population. In terms of its facilities, there were no addition of mental hospital beds in the last five years (WHO & DOH, 2006). Furthermore, the trained health workers who are…show more content…
According to Christopher G. Hudson, Ph.D., Salem State College, the lower the person’s socioeconomic status, the higher is his/her risk for mental disability and psychiatric hospitalization. There is a correlation between SES and the likelihood of developing a mental disorder (Hudson, 2005). This can be an enough reason why the government should pay for the mental health services of patients. There might be poverty-stricken-mentally-sick individuals that don’t get enough treatment because of the lack of sufficient budget to receive medical care. In addition, both the public and private health insurance programs must include services in mental health. PhilHealth must also finance this area of health. Instead of just covering the acute episodes, they should allot more budget for the medication and the other needs of people who have mental disorders. When this happens, others will become aware that mental health is not something that is just taken for granted. It is something that has to be taken seriously. Personally, I have known someone who is suffering from a mental illness, yet the people around her keep on telling that “It’s just all in your head.” Acknowledging the importance of mental health is what our country needs, and the government, must also take part in proclaiming an awareness in our country. Mental health and other medical disorders must be prioritized equally. Neither one is subordinate nor superior. Both of them are important in a person. Thus, we should give a fair amount of attention to each one of
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