Health Care Stakeholders Analysis

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There are many stakeholders involved with health care administrations. Those stakeholders can be patients, health care physician, insurance providers, pharmaceutical manufactures, hospital organizations, community clinics and government. Each different stakeholder has their own individual vision of health care administration. This causes conflict due to the nature and differences in vision. which then can cause conflicts among each stakeholder involved. A patient is going to have a different idea of how a health care should be managed. This in contrast to the way a physician may think the administration should be managed. Furthermore, each different stakeholder involved would have their own ideal reasons to why the health care administration…show more content…
They must ensure that they are providing adequate services to patients and at the same time ensuring that insurance companies are getting paid (Saint Joseph’s University, 2011, Para 6). Along with that they must secure that they are getting paid. Furthermore, physician moral and ethics are challenged as well; Thus, causing them to rethink how they take on their responsibilities as a medical care provider by trying to keep patients best interest, insurance companies interest and their own interests. This conflict with trying to meet the needs of several different stakeholders causes strain on the physician because they must walk fine line to please each. While trying to please a specific stakeholder another holder could be compromised. For example, a patient may need a specific treatment. The physician’s administration attempt to gain approval form the insurance company to proceed with the treatment and is denied. The insurance company instead gives the physician another less expensive option. Though the option presented is less likely to give a better percentage of a positive outcome for the patient. The physician has a clear conflict in pleasing both the insurance company and the patient. The physician also risks not getting paid by the insurance company if they do not administer the less expensive treatment. This conflict could also be…show more content…
The facilities enforcing protocols and policies to secure that employees are meeting government regulations. Doctors, nursing staff and support staff I must use their best ethical and moral judge in most case to ensure patients are being retreated. Thus, sometimes causing conflict with health care administration because health care workers sometimes unknowingly break policies or protocol by putting patients first. As well as hospitals and clinics have so many departments that there can be conflict of interest with patient care that can cause inconsistency with patient care (Santilli, J. el al., 2015, Para
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