Unit 7 Assignment: A Career As A Healthcare Administrator

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Unit 7 Assignment Introduction The professional field I have chosen my talk on is a Healthcare Administrator for long term care patients. Healthcare Administrators, also known as medical and health services managers or health care executives. They create budgeting goals, staff scheduling, hiring, billing, marketing, and the strategies for achieving them and communicate this information to all employees. A health administrator might work for a large health company or hospital system overseeing several facilities at once. They can also work on a smaller scale like managing a group practices, a specific department in a hospital setting or a single medical facility/practice. Language and Behaviors Effective health communication is as vital to…show more content…
Bureau of Labor Statistics (n.d.), a healthcare administrator must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration or management. Health administrator who works as nursing home administrators must pass the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) exam and obtain the state license. To transition into a higher managerial role, an administrator should consider getting a master’s in health administration or a related field like business administration. Tools and Equipment used Tools and equipment used include; computer, fax machines, copier, forms, as well as applications. Lifting equipment that will help make life easier for caregivers and care recipients, positioning pillows, bathing supplies, medical supplies, etc. Most of the material and tools require some knowledge and training for the job. Interactions with others A few individuals you will have to interact in the medical field may include staff, patients, doctors, nurses, medical assistance’s, pharmacies, governmental agencies, unions, community leaders, and organization. As well as family members, director of nursing, admission counselors and other medical
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