Health Care Argumentative Essay

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There are many reasons to question the goodness of Obama’s proposed health care measure. However, by looking at the bill closed-minded, the true potential is never seen. Of course, continuing with the current United States health care system is perpetually an option, but without reforming the system, expecting to pick up higher costs is inevitable. One matter that Americans need to strive for is making health care more affordable, which is the key to building the United States health care system sustainable once again.
The con’s that I see with Obama’s health care act is that it should be countermanded and the reason for this is, because it gives away health care to people who do not pay for it. The routine also takes away from elders who actually require the medical benefits and also makes doctors increase how much people pay them. The Patient Protection Act is an extreme set of legal philosophies that give the federal government too much power over health care, lets government choose the price of health maintenance, takes away health benefits from older citizens, takes away more care from people who truly deserve the care and in addition it already cost three times more than what it was
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It also eliminates annual and lifetime limits. Another positive aspect is that it allows children to stay on their parent’s insurance until they are twenty-six years old. That allows young adults to go to college without worrying about getting themselves health insurance. This helps to safeguard removal until they can hopefully find a full time job with benefits. It provides one thousands of Americans with access to preventative and wellness services with no out of pocket costs. (,

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