Health Care Dehumanization Essay

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Additionally, under modern conditions and in accordance with the latest tendencies, some scientists even introduce the term dehumanization (de Zulueta, 2013). It is used to describe the main process which now happen in the ethics and society and which main sense lies in the reification and scientism (de Zulueta, 2013). The healthcare sector is not the exception. It should be said that more and more people believe that humanism and compassion failed in their mission and the approach deprived of manifestations of these issues should be outlined. That is why, the tendency towards dehumanization is sometimes taken as the good drift that could lead to the improvement of the healthcare sector. The thing is that scandals in the national
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Physicians were blamed for the absence of this very feeling and non adherence to the main principles of humanism. That is why, there is a point of view that dehumanization could have the positive impact on the whole sphere. However, at the same time some specialists underline the fact that "the current emphasis on speed, the efficient completion of tasks and quantitative measuring undermine the ethics, tradition and practice of care" (de Zulueta, 2013, 87). With this in mind, it is possible to admit the ambivalent character of the issue of dehumanization. It obviously results from the change of the attitude towards some traditional values such as care and close relations with patients. Though, at the same time, resting on the evidence of scientists it helps to achieve efficient completion of tasks and speed, which is very important in terms of modern tasks of the healthcare sector. With this in mind, it is possible to state the necessity of looking for a balance between the total dehumanization of society and practical and efficient approach to the work. Only under these conditions the functioning the modern healthcare sector could become efficient and there will be less complaints connected with the absence of compassion and inhumane approach
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