Health Care Ethics Case Study

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The Importance of Ethics and Values in Clinical Healthcare In this report, you will find the concerns and answers about the ethical and medical practices in a clinical health care. As I began to write this paper, I wondered should people be concerned about their healthcare. During my research, I uncovered two words "Best Practices" they have a significant meaning. The set of procedures that an organization placed in high standard within a health care clinical department ( This means the health care professionals, doctors, nurses, therapists, registrars, and every other department must uphold the utmost values and ethics of health care in our clinical arena. Case Study: Assisted Suicide This study demonstrates proven ethics…show more content…
This situation has become an unnoticed problem by the main managers that oversee the departments. First, we need to recognize why people are becoming burned out. There are a few reasons that come to mind, duty strain, inadequate reward, inconsistent principles, and non-committed community (canceled appointments). When patients cancel appointments this leaves added stress on the clinical assistant. The office has to adjust the schedule another patient to be seen in that time slot. In most cases, the patient is waiting early for their appointment so this change is convenient. Most situations are much more complex. For example, a patient arrives for their appointment without the proper documentation, the need to be seen by the doctor. The staff must utilize teamwork but no one is available, she becomes burnout with the extra workload on top of her current schedule of duties. The problem brings on stress which contributes unforeseen errors by the employee and in the practice. Nevertheless, enormous strains are determined to be conceptually distinct, and threats that will in due course impinge on the professional values and obligations. Scott (2014) found that "many jobs have "Crunch Time", where the worker must work longer hours and handle more intense workloads for a time" (pg.1). Prohibiting Healthcare Professional Burnout The prevention of staff burnout weighs heavily on the team of professionals in the clinic. All staff provides a service to themselves, colleagues, patient, and the clinic. When the team works together they can be an assisted

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