Health Care Goals

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The customers, health care professionals and assisting organizations are integral part of health care system of the state. Every system has important objectives or goals to deliver heath care to its people. First and foremost goal is accessibility of health care to every individual of the state equally with stated standards with respect to its quality. Another major goal is to be cost effective system for the people of the state. Below listed are important components which are important for health care to function.
Finance: People purchasing health protection plans or paying for the health care facilities deliver the required finance to the system for delivering smoothly to people of state.
Health Care Services: Providing health care services
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This is the fourth major component of health care system.
Government Support: There can be situations where there is a need of government interventions in the health care system. This can be due to various reasons like providing technology support, organizing health awareness programs for people, care management, etc.
There many Determinants of health care which affect the market in a big way. Some of them are explained as a part of this project.
Social Factors: Social Factors like Age group, income group, general fitness of the people, quality of life societies enjoy, etc. can play a major role in determining heath care system of the city / country / state. There can be few physical determinants of heath care system which includes general environment condition and variations, physical hurdles faced by handicaps, level of ozone exposure, pollution levels within the city, etc. also play a important role for health
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Availability of latest equipment with most of the practitioner these days allow people to have good accessibility. This has resulted in increase in the supply and people requiring urgent medical attention get full access to the new equipment. By arranging latest equipment near the cost of medical services will increase because these equipments are costly.
Evolution of Brands: Today, there are lots of brands in the overall health care market. It includes medicines, doctors, hospitals, nurses, etc. More renowned the brand, costly it will be for the people. Similarly, we have medicines in the market which have same composition but due to difference of brand price varies. Today, emphasis has been given to building brand in the market in health care services. There are people who access services only from branded heath care organizations as quality of services has increased considerably with evolution of brand in the health care

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