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Today, On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, I attended a beginning of the school year healthcare meeting. The annual meeting was conducted by one of the school nurses and it included all of the second grade teachers. Before today’s meeting I had never attended a health care meeting, but I certainly knew of the importance of having a good relationship and communication between school nurses and educators. A teacher’s responsibility includes so many variables including and foremost a student’s care and safety. Additionally, School nurses help educators in ensuring and caring for student’s and their healthcare needs. The first item on the agenda for today’s healthcare meeting included having the teachers check and sign emergency contracts. Following…show more content…
She asked the teachers to take care of as much of the student’s health care needs as possible within the classroom, before sending the student to the nurse. Furthermore, educators are allowed to give students mints, apply vaseline to minor cuts and scrapes, and provide bandaids. The school nurse also took the time to hand out medical supplies such as bandages, wipes, etc. to the teachers so they could replenish their emergency kits. In addition, the nurse asked the teachers to please be specific when there is an emergency and a nurse 's presence is required. She says it helps if teachers provide the name of the child, the symptoms of the child, and where the child is in the school to better assist the nurses in providing help to those students as quickly as possible hassle free. In other healthcare procedures she reminded teachers to inform her when they were going on field trips, so that she can gather the required medications, etc for students. In conclusion, the meeting was a wonderful learning experience. During the meeting I was able to observe the beginning of the school year medical procedures and learn about the specific needs of students how to care for them. Something valuable that I took away from the meeting is the importance of having a good foundation of communication between the educator and school nurse. A strong foundation allows the educators and nurses to work together and properly meet the student’s

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