Health Care Policy Analysis

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Health care policy can be defined as the decisions, plan and action that are under taken to achieve specific health care goals within a society (WHO march 2011). According to WHO an exceptional healthcare policy can achieve several aims. It defines a direction for the future, and help to outline priorities and define the roles of individual team or groups, it also serves to educate the general public. Development of healthcare policies helps to ensure standards of practice across all level of the organization, it give clear instruction on operational activities and provide adequate knowledge in handling health care situations.
It communicates to the employee of a health care organization
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The nurses are responsible for implementation of the healthcare policy after they are made. In the present world with many challenges in healthcare system, nurses are at the fore front of care and are well aware of these challenges, most cases presented at the hospital emergency care units are a result of poor health policies or neglect of health by members of the community.
Enforcing policies to limit the driving speed every motorist is ensure safety of live and property but many neglect these rules and regulations and become victims of road traffic accidents. All less funding of the healthcare institution poses a challenge to nurses working in the health institutions as there are limited materials resources to provide quality care as well as human resources to accommodate the ever increasing health needs of the community.
Regular health education of the community members on safety rules and regulations, personal hygiene such as proper hand washing ensuring safe food and water supplies helps to maintain good health
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Health care policies refers to decisions, plans and action which are undertaken to achieve specific health care goals within a society (WHO 2011).
Implementation of health related policies can be complex especially in developing nation which limited human material and financial resources.
The process of policy making decision are made at the national level which includes the funding of the policies which affect the implementation of the policy. Attention must be paid to policies made at various levels of health care system to ensure sustainability. A favourable environment will help to facilitate the interventions of healthcare policies.
The personal healthcare policy involves a right to quality healthcare services, as well as other right that relates to health which includes good food, housing, social amenities, safe water, right to education and right to
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