Health Care Social Movement Analysis

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This week we learned about different social movements and the effects it has on those around it. A social movement is when a group of individuals unite in order to alter or modify an existing issue (Chambliss & Eglitis, 2016.). One of the biggest social movements that many are discussing is the Healthcare reform. Many individuals do not access to healthcare, which stops them from receiving care that they need. In this paper I will address a specific social movement and further address its impacts. Many over the years have debated lack of healthcare for many individuals in depth. This has lead to many changes being implemented but not as successful as they hoped to be. One point that many agree on is that changes need to be made to…show more content…
I would gain look to gain their support by listening to the concerns that they have. Many times people do not take part in change because they feel that their voice will not be herd. I feel that in order for change to happen we needed to have as many individuals as active in the process as possible. This issue I feel would have bring about many stumbling blocks. This issue tackles a major issue in our society and affects the well being of it. I think it would be difficult to get a people involved in this issue due to the issues it presents. Part of the problem is that many do not see the need for change and how it could benefit us as a society. I also think that getting support by law makes could impede changes from occurring. One of the biggest changes that I see in social movements in our time is the way they are approached. This movement that I spoke of would be approached in an efficient manner to ensure that it is taken seriously. Previously some of the movements in the past were not as organized as they could be. Also at time I feel that different tactics were involved that showed a great deal of force. In our times I feel that a different approach is needed to ensure that the message is
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