Health Care Weaknesses

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A health care system means that there is a complex of facilities, trained personnel, and organizations that are engaged in offering health care within a specific area. Health care itself means that there is an act of taking the necessary medical procedures to show positive improvement in a person’s well-being, which is done by surgery, medicine and making adjustments in a person’s lifestyle. These kind of amenities are definitely accessible through a health care system that is made up of physicians and hospitals. You can ask yourself what makes health care significant. Health care is significant for mainly a lot of reasons, you get access to a healthier and longer living life, when something goes wrong with your health and/or body you go…show more content…
They first began by obtaining feedback from patients, insurers, and other health care providers asking how the health care system can be reformed. Ever since the system has made its changes, the health care system is now a free market universal health care model. In 2005, it became a priority for all Dutch citizens to purchase their own basic health insurance if they are 18 or older, and if you are younger than 18 the government provides insurance for you (Perrott, 2008). Another strength on the Netherlands health care system is that the basic health insurance plan is available to everyone without any discrimination towards skin color, or income. When comparing the Netherlands to the U.S. health care system, the Netherlands system is better and is said to be a future model for the United States because the U.S. doesn’t require individuals to have their own basic plan of insurance, and not all people in the U.S. are granted at least the basics for health insurance. The Netherlands health care system is structured quite differently from the health care system in the U.S., one of the major differences are the provider’s role (Perrott, 2008). Each provider is obligated to 2,300 lives without having appointments, instead they work on a 24/7 basis. In comparison with the United States, the hospitals or health clinics never serve a patient unless they have an appointment. If you don’t have an appointment, then you would be in the emergency room all night long. Unfortunately, the Netherlands doesn’t really have any weaknesses amongst their health care, instead America is trying to mock its system. While Americas system is costly and complex, if the U.S. reforms their insurance to a government regulated competition then the U.S. could possibly see a change in their system demanding freedom of choice and basic equal health insurance for all (Perrott,
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