Health Determinant Essay

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One of the major health determinant is the environment. Neuroscientists believe that the early three years of good growth and stimulation will help the brain develop more brain cells. The quality care of a child in the early years of life is very important. If the child has a good health from the beginning, it will help them have a better health in their upcoming years. Also the people who are educated have more chances of making better choices regarding smoking and drug abuse. The people who live in better locations are not in danger of being exposed to environmental hazards. Second major health determinant is behavior and lifestyle. To have a good lifestyle people follow routines. Exercise and diet are main points that people follow. Some…show more content…
If the population receives medical care it can help them have good health and also keep them away from becoming really ill. The government role is to help people be aware of the risks they are in danger of. For example, they make policies. Policies include making sure the environment is clean where people live in. To make sure the food is checked and water resources. They make programs where facts are shown how to eat healthy and live in a healthy lifestyle. Also to have community based partnerships where they help improve the surroundings for their communities. Some of the social factors are to help people get more knowledge on the violence, crime and social disorder. If the people are more aware of these dangers I think their environment will much better to live in. If there are quality schools built the children will get a better education. If they got a better education there are chances that they will be smart in making the right decisions. They will make healthy life choices and be successful in their life. If health insurance is given to all even those who cannot afford can help, make a difference. Making sure the patients get care delivered to them and not being delayed. To help people get a positive view on life to help them quit smoking and making them more active with exercise and
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