Health Disparities In Aging Case Study

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2. The demographic trend associated with the emerging majority of diverse elders is due to the increase in the minority population, which will account for half of the elderly population. The aging population is increasing since people are living longer and this population is also becoming more diverse. As a result, the demographic trend will consist of an emerging majority of racial and ethnics groups that were once the minority group whom are of mostly elderly people. 3. Elder women 's longevity is increasing their LTC needs because the longer you live, more care is required as your body begin to deteriorate or not function as efficiently as before. In addition, women are at a greater risk for certain chronic conditions and disabilities, which will increase their LTC needs. Therefore, elderly women will need more assistance with their health and personal needs due to health risks and other factors that affect them. 4. Diverse women face more obstacles in aging than their white counterparts because health disparities exist between the two. For example, older African American experience higher rates of type 2 diabetes than their white counterparts. Also, Latina women have higher mortality from cervical and uterine cancers than white women.…show more content…
(How do )Language affect diverse elders ' ability to obtain services for the aging because if language barriers exists, they will prevent diverse elders from being able to access and use LTC services. Therefore, when seeking LTC services, the facility must incorporate signage, materials, offer interpreter services and/or have bilingual staff to ensure effective communication. It is important that diverse elders ' know that a facility is linguistic competent in meeting their language, aging and health needs. Language barriers will exist due to diverse elders ' limited language proficiency and English not bring their primary language, so services must make accommodations to address the need of diverse elders ' at this
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