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I strive to enhance the quality of human life through sound investigation and precise medical judgment. I hope to prolong life by simply understanding the mechanism of human disease, validating prevention and identifying the most effective treatment of disease. Research contributes an imperative component in for improvement of patient care, treatment, and prevention of health disparities and because of this I intend to incorporate practice and research. I am currently a senior student studying biology following the pre-medical track at Malone University. Preceding medical school, I intend to obtain additional research experience through biomedical research specifically regarding health disparities research. I have researched the work that…show more content…
My research was completed at the vascular research lab located at the VA Medical Center. We investigated one of the molecular components of cigarette smoke, the unsaturated aldehyde acrolein, as a cause of increased lung vascular permeability. We studied whether acrolein mediates the effects of cigarette smoke exposure via modification of subcellular proteins that function to maintain an impermeable endothelial monolayer in the lung microcirculation. I learned that proper documentation and precise repetition yields consistent and reproducible results. With consistent data, we were able to conclude that protein carbonylation transpired in treatment groups of cigarette smoke and acrolein exposure. However, differential quantity in protein carbonylation between controls and treated groups is still to be investigated. Other lab techniques include sterile technique, MTT toxicity testing, ELISA (indirect), maintenance of tissue culture, western blot, protein extraction, column chromatography, and mass…show more content…
Leadership activities such as mentoring, tutoring, and leading minority incentives have taught me the value of being an attentive listener and also how to teach a variety of learners. Research training conducted at the University of Florida, Malone and Brown University has developed an attitude of commitment and independence. Lastly, being a student has instilled the value of dedication, strategic planning, persistence, and commitment.Additionally, clinical experience has emphasized the importance of details, proper documentation, consistency, problem solving and team-work. The previously mentioned experiences have molded me into the student that I am today and have further equipped me with the skills needed to be a practical addition to your lab. By conducting research at the center of excellence on Health Disparities at Georgia State University I aim to expand my understanding of health-care as it relates to health disparities so that I am better equipped to serve urban and international

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