Health Disparity In Canada

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Health disparity are avertible health status of distinctive group of people like races, skin color, language, socioeconomic resources, gender and age (Edelman, Kudzma, & Mandle, 2014). Health disparities are arbitrary and explicit to historical and present uneven distribution of political, economic, social, and environmental resources. A disparity can also be related to education, where dropping out of school occurs associated with various social and health problems (CDC,2017). Comprehensively, person with inadequate education are more likely to struggle number of health risks such as substance abuse, obesity, and traumatic injuries, compared to individual who receive more education. One of the main findings within health disparities in history…show more content…
In Canada, according to Aboriginal survey shows that 73% of First nations were reported that alcohol was an issue in their communities especially in male teenagers. In addition, the rate of drunkenness is as high as twice the Native American adolescent compared to non-native American adolescents. Other research says that Aboriginal youth are particularly susceptible to enormous drinking (Stewart, Simon, Comeau, Collins, & Van Wilgenburg, 2015). Furthermore, a survey that was held by the government that for those 12 and older, the rate of heavy drinking was too high about 43% of the total population of Aboriginal youth on reserve (Statistics Canada,…show more content…
Without enough funding from the federal government establishing programs would be impossible, they won’t be able to provide proper reinforcement program for male youth Aboriginal who are interested about a change. They won’t be able to succeed in motivating youth to join a program that will help male Aboriginal youth. Another barrier is geographic location where Aboriginal reserves are located. In such a way that during the visit, it’s hard to do visitation because it’s far from where they were based. That’s why it’s important that certain programs are to be established near their placed for an easy access and that certain nurse would be able to help and guide a

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