Health Education In India

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1. Poor educational facilities create a major problem in imparting health education for women in villages. Many villages are still without an upper primary school. Especially girls dropping out after primary level of school has been seen. Then parents also hesitate to send the girls to other villages for schooling, for fear of their security.
2. The majority of school dropouts belong to the poorest people of rural areas. They are usually from SC/ST communities, backward rural areas and also urban slums. The factors responsible for dropouts range from economic to cultural reasons. Children are pulled out of school mostly due to economic reasons, child have to earn livelihood for their family.
3. Gender discrimination against girl child is
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The first solution is to change the attitude of the rural people, especially the women themselves towards the health of women. Education should make them know how important it is to take care of the women’s health. This allows women to better take care of themselves and their families.
2. The attitude of every individual is not same towards health education. So, at first a few selected women should be educated and trained about healthy practices. They should be used as role models for encouraging others who are more resisting and conservative.
3. Education should give top priority to remove various kinds’ superstitions, religious misconceptions and myths etc. But care should be taken not to hurt the sentiment of the rural people.
4. The immunization and maternal care services needs to give top priority because maternal, infant and child mortality is influenced by a whole range of socio-economic
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Women’s Health Education Program should be organised in rural areas frequently. Interactive activities should be incorporated during teaching to keep the women engaged. Intensive question discussion and answer sessions should be included. Topics such as Female anatomy, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, family planning, STIs (including HIV), Nutrition, Women’s rights against violence should be discussed.
6. Educating about family planning. The benefits of family planning as well as the methods of family planning including natural, barrier, hormonal and permanent methods should be discussed. Many of the women have false beliefs about the family planning methods. Therefore, it is important that to remove such misconception.
7. While imparting health education the teacher can also arrange painting and poster competition which is a useful way to generate interest among students and motivate them to collect information on health education.
8. Essay competition as a useful method of reflecting their views regarding various diseases such as HIV and AIDS should be organised. Teacher also can organize quiz competition by collecting questions from various sources to create awareness among the
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