Health Educator Roles

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I have chosen two roles that are integral to the Health Care Industry. The first being Health

Educator and the second being Medical Coder. The following discussion will be looking at what a day in

The life of each of these roles may look like.

Health Educator

Health Educator roles are various and diverse depending on what setting they are utilized in.

From the public school system to long term care to public health, health educators are hard at work.

Being that I work in long term care, I have chosen to describe a typical day in the life of a health

Educator in a long term care setting.

Their day begins early and usually with a morning or clinical meeting to discuss the previous
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Some of these settings include acute

Care hospitals, long term care, physician offices and clinics. Medical coders are in integral part of

The Reimbursement process. They code services in the ICD-9 and soon the ICD-10 system. They

Also code services provided in the health care field.

Once again, I will describe what a day in the life of a medical coder in long term care may

Look like. Similar to the Health Educator, the medical coder usually attends a daily clinical meeting to

Discuss the previous day’s events and the plan for the day ahead. Medical coders work closely with

MDS or minimum data set nurses as they are responsible for the assessments that are completed

For the health care center to get reimbursed for the services provided. They also work closely with

Medical billing office employees to ensure that the codes on the UB are correct and match the

Coding of the MDS. They would also review the admitting diagnoses of recent admissions into

The facility and use the discharge summary to put their diagnosis into the system and discerning

The admitting diagnosis and prioritizing them in order or importance for payment
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