Health Equity Quiz Essay

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When comparing countries with one another you would think the U.S would be the winner with every category whether it’s with health or with the economy. When completing the Health Equity Quiz it shows how the United States is far behind than we thought. To our understanding, we believe that the U.S is more superior than other countries, but in reality it lacks in many areas. I scored a 7/10 because some things did not surprise me; everything that I read I’ve already done some research about it. Throughout this quiz it educates you on certain areas, surprises you in others, and shows the injustices for many in this country. Throughout the quiz it many questions were stated about health and how it is different in the U.S. It shows how American life expectancy is placed twenty-ninth place compared to other countries, even though fifty years ago, American life expectancy was placed in the first five percent. It truly sheds light on how life expectancy is dramatically changing among the American population. Even though America is…show more content…
Another, unfair area of this quiz is one of the questions asked how can you tell if someone is healthy and the answer was if they’re wealthy. Many citizens shouldn’t have to worry if they have the ability to have proper medical services, it’s not a privilege, but a need to have equal health care among the rich and the poor. It’s quite shocking to see how much our country is going through an epidemic of injustices and health.
In conclusion, the United States has many problems due to the fact that our country seems to be growing more unhealthy and more unfair to the minority population. Every question helps you realize that our country needs to get better if we really want it to reach its top potential. This country used to be number one due to it’s health and education, but now that is not the
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