Factors Influencing Personal Health

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Q2 What affects people’s health condition?It is no doubt that health concept influencing personal health .There are social factors such as gender roles and class result in health inequality and the reason of why healthcare professional should be sensitive in it. According to definition written by The World Health Organization ,health includes physical ,mental ,social well-being. To begin with ,the gender roles cause health inequality by stereotype. Men are normatively act as strong by masculine scripts .In gender division of labor ,men are expected to be a financially support by consuming their labour,while David Morley (1992) said that women are expected staying at home to do domestic work and take care children .Thus, men have higher…show more content…
Feminine Scripts encourage the need for offering support . Women take up roles for delivery and educate children. According to demographic information about carer in Britain (2001) and (2009 Ho al .Et.) , primary caregivers and non-caregivers of elderly,68.7% of carers were women and 24% of respondent not in paid work are carers . Therefore, they normatively inclined to seek medication and built up healthier lifestyles.For example ,the statics conducted by the Centre of Health Protection(2014 April) ,46.8% and 67.6%of women respondents are non-alcohol-user and non-smoker while only 26.8% and 92.8%of men respondents are non-alcohol-user and non-smoker respectively . Thus, many diseases could be discovered before getting worse. Females, who seek medication ,seem reasonable ,while men would be labeled with “a sick men” due to the stereotypes.Thus , females have better mental health than men.However ,in the study by HO et.al.(2009),it found that 67.7% of primary caregiver ,which having report a higher risk of worse health ,as they are ignored the stressful of both carer or their own occupation .Furthermore,women are live risk of domestic violence with the male control.Therefore, they are mentally depression and anxiety.It results in low mortality but high morbidity in female and health inequality in

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