Health Field Model Essay

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The Health Field Model The Health Field Model (HFM) is the conceptual framework that is used by different health care organizations or in individual research projects to evaluate the prevalence, awareness and management of diseases in the community (Pittman, 2010). The HFM, a determinant health model is developed by Bob Evans and Greg Stoddart in 1990. The HFM provides a broad spectrum for understanding health, and the factors that interfere with, and influence the health of individuals in the community. There are features to put into consideration for, in determining the factors that affect many diseases; hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, or influence of health on a community (Kindig & McGinnis, 2007). According to Evans and Stoddart (1990), grouped…show more content…
The individual lifestyles are the decisions, and habitat that usually result in health, illness, or even death. Some examples are cigarette smoking, diets, and physical activities (Evans & Stoddart, 1990). The environment is the elements or events that relate to health which are external to the body. In environmental determinants of health, the individual may have little or no control, which comprise of physical and social dimensions example are individual social class, being born in to a high class family, very rich or well to individuals ((Evans & Stoddart, 1990). Lastly is the organization of health care services variable consists of the quality, quantity, availability of resources, and personal relationships in the delivery of health care. It includes all resources that help in preventive, curative, and restorative elements. Examples of such resources are physicians, nurse Practitioners, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, and community clinics ((Evans & Stoddart,
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