Key Historical Events

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Analysis of key historical events in the field of healthcare informatics
The area of Health Information Management (HIM) has evolved gradually from paper filing systems characterized by manual cabinets to the current sophisticated electronic systems in the field of healthcare. This growth has been rapid and dates back to various decades which can be traced through the analysis of various historical events. Described below are the historical events that have happened in the area of Health Information Management (HIM) which have led to growth and the drivers that contributed to the stated technologies.
Historical Events
According to Grandia, the result of any given technology in the healthcare sector is made possible by an effect of a given
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Examples of the technological uses of technology are patient tracking, electronic record storage, computerized order entry and patient data entry. This is useful in emergency medicine as it raises the speed at which services are offered (AHIMA, 2013). According to Zeng et al., (2009), healthcare information management is a crucial item which helps streamline operations and the process of providing healthcare. Therefore, it is vital for a system which supports entrepreneurial efforts to be installed. This allows communication of the effort of every individual and avoids duplication of ideas. Moreover, the staff reaction to the management system in place should be identified, and issues addressed…show more content…
The team tasked with the health information management will interact with the technology since they are the ones that are needed to implement and train other members of staff at the hospital on the proper use of information systems. On the other hand, the clinical team will need technology for administration of medication and retrieval of the records of the patients. Furthermore, the systems will also be valuable to the doctors and other medical practitioners in gathering demographic information and analyzing it for purposes of patient diagnosis and treatment. They can also be used to verify the identity of patients and process their payment information by the accounting staff. For the hospital administration, the healthcare information management will be the most useful tool for gathering Featherfall’s demographic information which will enable them to know how the facility is
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