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According to Fung (2011) assessed that in Brunei, one third of young people are classified under obese and overweight. Unnoticeably, however palpable in the local Ministry of Health, MOH data in 2008 that the leading cause of death particularly from heart cardiovascular diseases (Yap, 2014). According to Brunei Times, BT (2014) in the news emphasized non-communicable diseases such as obesity is one of the most Brunei health’s major concern. Recently, there is a rising awareness of health in Brunei after the publication of health statistics done in Ministry of Health that spreads throughout the media that grasps many attentions from the citizens. Thus, it is important that everyone’s roles in the society such as the government, and the individuals to play their part in achieving…show more content…
Last year, Singapore was listed as the world’s healthiest country to an overall score of 89.45 percent. Thus, Brunei can learn from Singapore as it pictured a good role model among the Association of Southeast Asian Nation, ASEAN countries (Sims, 2015). Take note that the definition of health is constructed in this contemporary world. This essay will discuss: the limitations that Brunei been experiencing in achieving health, some actions in overcoming the widespread issue of lack health awareness among the individuals by improving the societal determinants for instance, and what Brunei can learn from Singapore’s healthy lifestyle in the response to health.

Brunei’s government have done so many alternatives to increase public health awareness. This includes by giving free check-up at every government’s clinic and hospitals, free vaccination for diseases prevention; influenza, pneumonia, haemophilus influenza B, hepatitis B and other vaccines. In addition, Brunei’s government has also build clinics at every catchment area. For example, Muara health centre that is located at Muara town only accepted

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