Nursing: The Role Of Sociology In Nursing

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Sociology is the study of interaction between groups and individuals in human society. In recent times, there is a movement away from the belief that ill health and disease is due only to biological explanations, but that it may be linked to other social factors such as social class, ethnic groups, gender, and age. A study of sociology would provide a nurse with an alternative way of looking at his or her patients and gaining a deeper insight into the problems presenting. The nurse may have a better understanding of the social influences on health and wellbeing of the people in their care. The researcher Hannah Cooke (1993) goes as far as saying that the subject of sociology ‘facilitates the holistic care of the patient’ by increasing the nurses understanding of the patients social and psychological needs. A successful study of sociology might equip a nurse with what is termed the Sociological Imagination and produce the ability to make different…show more content…
Likewise a clear understanding of cultural differences of these groups, which would have a shared set of values, history and language. Poor understanding of the above may often feed into and nurture racism. Goldberg defines racism,1993 as a set of ideas and actions which promote the exclusion of people by virtue of there being deemed members of different racial groups. In the book Breaking Down Barriers by Louise Beirne and Dr. Vinadh, the authors highlight the differential treatment handed out to people of the traveller community which often leads to poorer outcomes for them and discomfort when accessing the health service. Also, worryingly is the discrimination operating within the health system itself, where only 1% of non-EU doctors attain consultancy
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