Essay On Gender Differences In Health Conditions

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In this essay, I am going to discuss how one’s health conditions are determined by social factors such as gender roles and economic positions. I would like to discuss the definition of health at the beginning. Then, I would go on to discuss about how the gender role of a person will affect the health condition. I would examine how the economic positions of individuals are related to health. At the end, I would suggest some possible methods to tackle the issue of health inequality.

Health’s Definition
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Another reason is the different respond between male and female. Women are more likely to seek medical help and admit illness which doctors are more likely to diagnose women as ill than men. It is mentioned that men are generally less likely to seek professional help than women by Featherstone, Rivett and Scourfield, 2007. Moreover, men take the higher rates of injury from accident because they engage in more physical risk-taking and accidents have always be a feature of masculine rather than feminine experience. The differences and gendered understandings of appropriate male or female behavior can be the explanation on the differences in the health experience. Some masculinity activities harm to men’s health such as driving recklessly, use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs. In the views of female, the medicalization of women’s bodies, this is a process through which women’s conditions and problems come to be defined and treated as medical conditions such like childbirth or menstruation. They usually can take a rest or even have a medical condition during the time. In the angle of occupational health and safety, the major of fatal industrial injuries are amongst men. The bodies of the working class men are consumed over time. And they still need to work even the risk of injure is higher because they feel they own the responsibility to support the economic needs of their
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