Health Inequality In Health Care

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insights into various phenomenon related that are related to health, inequality in health, medical care, relationship between health and socioeconomic status, occupational choice (Cropper, 1977; Muurinen and Le Grand 1985; Case and Deaton, 2005) and has become the standard framework for the economics of the derived demand for medical care .A standard framework for health investment like medical care, demand for health and has to meet the significant challenge of providing insight into a variety of complex phenomena. Ideally it would explain the significant differences observed in the Farmers health and socioeconomic status (SES) often called the “SES-health gradient” (Galama, 2011).
2.5.1 The Demand for Health and Health Investment

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Individuals live for T periods and die at the end of period T −1. Length of life T (Grossman, 1972) which is determined by a minimum health level Hmin . Furthermore, if health falls below this level Ht ≤ Hmin an individual (farmer) dies (HT≡ Hmin). Individuals health can be improved through investment in health It and deteriorates at the normal biological aging rate dt . The relation between input, health investment (I t ), and the output, health improvement ( f ) , is directed by the health production function f (•). The health production function f (•) is assumed to obey law of diminishing marginal returns in health investment. For simplicity of this discussion the use the following simple functional form will be…show more content…
(Shenggen and RajulPandya-Lorch, 2012).The economic setting, particularly the markets encountered by farmers provide signals on the type of activities, the type of inputs and profitability. Within these settings, the household allocates its resources, capital, knowledge, and time. In some cases, allocations of all resources may be a collective decision. In still other cases, some activities will be undertaken collectively or perhaps under the direction of one household member are also making choices about the technologies used in the generation of
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