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In today’s generation, social media has a powerful role to people especially in communication. Social media gives people a wide range of communication with the help of the technologies. It also helps people to get reliable information for their health. Thousands of websites are into health and wellness that is often operated by government departments and agencies. With the help of this research, it will prove that publishing health information in social media is very helpful in many ways. Online Healthcare Publication gives people free access to health information and medical advises.
Social media provides health information to people with the use of the Internet. One of the examples of Online Healthcare is Medline Plus. According to Medline
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According to Prescient Digital Media (2008), “If, as they say, ‘an apple a day helps keep the doctor away’, and consumers are increasingly looking for that apple online, in the form of reliable health information.” In relation to this, Cherry (2015) stated that online therapy provides accessibility to individuals who are disabled or housebound and it also offers access to mental health information to people in rural or remote areas.
Having access to online healthcare can make a significant change in our world today because of the benefits it gives to the people who use it. London (2008), and Cherry (2015) stated the benefits or advantages of using online healthcare. Many of its advantages includes the cheap cost, consulting to online healthcare to remedy a sickness is cheaper than having an appointment with a doctor; it also saves a lot of time. According to NalariHealth (2014), one of the benefits of Online Healthcare is convenience of receiving care on patient’s own terms, using the Web, live video conferencing, or
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In addition, disabled persons would truly appreciate the benefit of online healthcare, as they will never get tired of going through long lines in the hospital.
Online Healthcare can also help people understand their illness more. Through the use of the Internet, people can do further research about their illness and thus find a proper treatment for the illness. It also helps them understand the terminologies that would otherwise be confusing to them if the doctor were unable to explain the word.
In contrary to these, the authors not only stated the advantages of Online Healthcare Publication, but also its disadvantages in some aspects. When you calculate the expenses in maintaining at home, family members are missing their work just to help it and the cost of more services and care as needed.
Moreover, assessing these healthcare publications can give anonymity while most people want to go to the doctor to have them checked, some people prefer to stay at home because they are embarrassed and to prevent other people from judging them by their rare medical conditions and these people can turn to the online healthcare publications so that no one can identify

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