Health Information Management Clerk Essay

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Health Information management clerks upgrade and preserve patient records, which contain examination, treatment and medical histories. Additionally, they are accountable for the releasing medical record in addition keeping and filling records.( Study,n.d.) This is the position that I would like to work after graduating from the health information technology program, to be a health information management clerk. I would like to be health information management clerk because I can first advance myself higher to becoming manager. I am also a detail oriented person and I like to work in office settings, especially using the computers, so this position fits me. This position offers an environment that I like to work with. The jobs duties of the health information management clerk are to “perform quality control checks to monitor for correct patient name, account number, and document titles; analyze each chart for deficiencies.” (hicareers, n.d.) Health information management clerks fulfill mixture of duties such as “collection of health information from all departments: inpatient floors,…show more content…
The U.S bureau of labor estimated that the need for health information management clerks would grow 22% between 2012 and 2022, meaning that this job is in demand more than before. It’s in demand because the growing use of electronic records increases demand for people with the knowledge of technology and computer software, as it relates to medical health records. The reason for this growth is due to the large aging population. This population requires more medical procedures, which will lead to the need of health information clerks to organize and handle medical records. Also the changes in salaries in this position have changed; in 2014 median pay was 35,900 dollars per year while in 2016 it’s 38,813 dollars per year.
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