Health Information Specialist Research Paper

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What is a Health Information Specialist?
Health information specialist is a blanket term that is applied to a variety of technical positions. Almost all of these jobs involve medical data, information technology, electronic health records and health information management systems. The BLS states that the job outlook for health information technicians is expected to continue growing at 15 percent, which is much faster than average. Health Information Specialist
A health information specialist provides clerical support for assigned departments. Where ever they work, they scan, sort and distribute medical reports and records to avoid processing delays and meet established requirements. They are responsible for analyzing medical documentation to ensure the …show more content…

They analyze and extract important medical data from all pertinent records in order to create an organized chronology that highlights the medical care that was provided to an injured claimant before and after the date of injury. Medical chronologists examine billing records and summarize the costs in reports for medical experts.
They evaluate medical records to verify the continuity of health care and find gaps or omissions in treatment. Medical chronologists prepare detailed summaries of all records and verify if the chronology objectives are clearly achieved and in accordance with all applicable policies and procedures. Medical chronologists must be able to comply with established deadlines and legal timeframes to complete records reviews. They must be HIPAA certified with training as a legal nurse consultant, clinical research associate or health information

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