Health Information System

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ent and continuous advancements in technology especially in the health sector have introduced drastic changes regarding how healthcare providers manage data and go about service delivery to their healthcare seekers.
As result of these technological advancements, both experienced and entry-level nurses have continued to learn new technologies while health based institutions of learning continue to develop and improve innovative curriculums that are in service of the new nursing environment.
Among the most significant changes that have been witnessed in the nursing environment is the electronic health information system that allows the healthcare providers to use powerful and complex software to manage patients’ records, personal and health
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Additionally, regarding scheduling, an electronic health information system does not only help in the coordination of the workers in the nursing healthcare institutions but also helps the managers to focus on service quality and control costs.
One of the key components of healthcare information systems is the electronic health records. As a result of the rapidly advancing technology especially in the healthcare sector, most of the nursing and healthcare providing institutions have adopted the electronic health records that have replaced the paper-based records as means of documentation.
Proper utilization of the electronic health information systems in nursing institutions have by far improved efficiency and productivity especially in regard to scheduling and planning for patients care.
The system helps the healthcare providers to come up with flexible and conclusive schedules based on the conditions of the patients as recorded in the system countering past problems of schedule management and patient care.
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Improved Performance
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Also, the system promotes more sound clinical decision making through the integration of patient data from a variety or multiple sources within a healthcare institution.
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Effect of an electronic health information system on Patient Centered Care
Patient centered care is an important part of maintaining and improving the quality of healthcare and making sure that the interests of the patient are given the first priority. Thanks to the rapid advancements in healthcare, specifically regarding informatics, an electronic healthcare information system provides the best and a consistent improvement of quality healthcare.
An electronic health information system allows patients and their healthcare providers to have a more active role and participate in their journey towards health.
Today, nurses and other healthcare providers are using electronic health information systems to enter, organize and conduct detailed and thorough analysis of the medical information of their clients.
An electronic health information system provides patients with a mechanism of sharing critical information about their health with the healthcare provider and care givers such as
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