Health Insurance In Ghana Essay

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1.1 Background of the study
The affordability of health care is a vital issue in most areas in the world. The provision of affordable health care in many high,-middle- and low-income countries is high on the development agenda, given the large numbers of people that do not have sufficient means to access health service; worldwide, millions of people are pushed into poverty every year via the need to pay for health care (International Labour Organization, 2008).

Health insurance as a system of enhancing universal health coverage has gained a lot of interest for some time back (WHO, 2004; Ellenbogen, Ramsey and Danley 1996; Wagstaff, 2002). This may not be surprising as Carrin, Waelkens and Criell (2005) indicated that health financing via the development of health insurance is identified as a powerful
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However, by the early 1980s, under the impression of difficult economic challenges, deteriorating health infrastructure, and exceptionally large number of emigration of health workers, the government implemented a cost recovery scheme, partly as its response to pressure from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank-sponsored Structural Adjustment Program, (Mensah, Oppong-Koranteng and Frempah-Yeboah,…show more content…
While popular among members and international donors at the time, the schemes were only targeted to specific areas, failed to address key social insurance issues, and were not supported by general government revenue to allow them to cater for the poor. Most importantly, with CBHIS serving just about only one per cent (1%) of the population with limited benefit packages, (Atim et al., 2001) cited in (Blanchet et al,

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