Health Insurance Persuasive Essay

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The cost of health insurance is quickly on the rise, and employers and employees alike are feeling the financial weight. A large portion of high medical claims are associated with obesity and lifestyle choices, some of which can be reduced by making healthy changes. Due to the rise in cost, many employers are rewarding employees for participating in health screenings that measure things such as body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, lifestyle choices such a tobacco or excessive alcohol use, exercise, mental health, and amount of sleep. Employees can impact the cost of their healthcare by learning about their health risks, making lifestyle changes, and becoming accountable for their own health. Upon completing…show more content…
Knowing about personal health risks, making changes to lessen them, and sticking with these changes are important for maintaining optimal health. In the end, each individual is responsible for their own actions, and becoming educated about their risks will help them to make better choices. The audience for this persuasive essay will include both employers and employees. The first challenge in reaching this audience could be potential privacy concerns. Employers should not have access to health records of their employees that is not work related, and some may worry that their medical information will be shared. Another issue that may arise, is the cost of these screenings, and how long it will take to see claims go down. Employers would need to pay for these screenings, and they may not see the benefit for quite some time. The goal of this essay is to persuade people to become educated about their health, and to take action to lead a healthier lifestyle. In order to be successful, this essay need to convince the reader that taking a health screening is a safe and effective way to learn about their health, and to save
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