Health Is Wealth In India

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As the saying goes “Health is Wealth”, a great asset that a country can own is a healthy population with high working efficiencies and greater life expectancy, thereby contributing to the growth and development of the nation. For the people, access to better healthcare is a human right. We have succeeded in eradicating polio out of the country. But we as a nation, still lack in achieving healthy lives of our people, especially the poor, both urban and rural. We spend 4% of our GDP on healthcare, but the access to proper diagnosis, consultation and medication still has barriers to overcome.
India can improve in uplifting the health of its people with improvements in basic health amenities - sanitary facility, clean drinking water, controlled pollution measures especially in urban areas, and digitalized health services.
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When an individual would start recognizing him/her to be a part of the national goal to achieve clean and hygienic, localities and public places, we would see a decline in diseases caused by pollution of waste in surroundings - malaria, typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis, and diarrhea.
As WHO reports “Every year, roughly 5.8 million Indians die from heart and lung diseases, stroke, cancer and diabetes. In other words, 1 in 4 Indians risks dying from an NCD before they reach the age of 70.” We need immediate actions on the greatest risk factors contributing to NCDs - unhealthy diets, physical inactivity, tobacco and alcohol use, and air pollution. Strong measures on food adulteration and awareness regarding it need to be adopted. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco has become intense, especially in the youth, and this younger generation is facing acute diseases as never

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