How Do Fast Food Persuasive Essay

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Living in this day and age with low income becoming more and more common, brings issues such as obesity. The only thought of hungry people is how and when they will be able to fill their tummies next. They are disillusioned that the only important thing is filling their bellies, which in turn leads to fast food and highly processed government subsidized foods. Fast food is more expensive than a supermarket alternative, processed foods are packaged fats, and all of these foods will just lead to health many health issues making it all more expensive in the long run. The fast food industry with mouth watering commercials and very convincing prices has tricked many into thinking that it’s the cheapest way to fill a hungry tummy. They brain wash…show more content…
Though they may fill your tummy, what else do they do for you? Sadly, they don’t do much else but make you fatter. They contain little to no essential vitamins to keep you alive, the few fake freeze dried vegetables are simply a gimmick, and they are high in fats. People are drawn to these meals because they are easy to make after a long day working all day. According to The NY Times, “After a long day of work at one or even two jobs, 20 extra minutes — plus cooking time — must seem like an eternity.” This all leads back to the main issue of time. Most of these people wake up really early and work all day and just want to eat and sleep. Anything extra just adds enormous amounts of extra work and stress to their already backbreaking day. However, a 2010 study found that, “The average American, regardless of weekly earnings, watched no less than an hour and a half of television per day,” this just shows that it is possible for them to cook, they just are too lazy, don’t know how to, or a combination of both. On the contrary, there are a few that definitely do not have time to cook throughout their busy day picking and dropping off kids, attending meetings, and working that causes them to stray away from cooking. But, according to the survey, they are few and far

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