The Importance Of Preventative Health Care

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Heath care is a very important aspect to view in all countries in order to increase the development in a healthy population. According to the Business Dictionary, Health care is defined by taking preventative actions and or necessary medical procedures to improve the health of a person’s well-being. It can be done through treatment, surgery, diagnosis and prevention of disease, illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments in an individual. Healthcare service is done through hospital and clinics by means of dentistry, physician, medicine, midwifery, nursing, pharmacy and other professions. Depending on the countries, groups and individuals, healthcare varies on the economic growth, economic development and on the health policies…show more content…
Environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents, and the lifestyle that an individual chooses are affected by our physical and or mental health (IWH, 2015). Education and promotion is also done in preventative health care which is done a lot through health talks and health fairs.
The primary prevention main aim is to prevent the disease or injury before it actually occurs. This is done by preventing exposure to hazards and altering unsafe or unhealthy practices that can lead to diseases or injuries (IWH, 2015). Examples of primary prevention include the legislation and enforcement to ban or control the use of hazardous products, or to mandate safe and healthy practices. For instance here in Belize, as we listen to the radio or tune in to the television, we hear and see commercials that warns motorist to take precautions, wear a seatbelt or a helmet when on the road to be safer. Other examples would be educating individuals about health and safe habits such as eating well, exercising regularly, do not smoke. Lastly, getting immunization against diseases is an important prevention. For instance The Ministry of Health is not administering an HPV vaccine to young girls at the age of 10 years with the consent of their parents in order to prevent them from catching the HPV which is one of the major risk factor of the cervical
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This is done by detecting and treating disease or injury as soon as possible to halt or slow its progress, encouraging personal strategies to prevent reinjures or recurrence, and implementing programs to return people to their original health and function to prevent long-term problems (IWH, 2015). Examples include regular screening tests and exams to detect disease in its earliest stages like doing a mammogram to see if you have breast cancer; daily low-dose aspirins or exercise programs to prevent further heart attacks or strokes; suitability modified work so injured or ill workers can return safely to their

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