Health Issues In Malaysia Essay

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Malaysia is known internationally for its well-diversified economy and multi-racial populations, and has succeeded in nearly eradicating poverty. Nevertheless, the lifestyle among Malaysian is becoming a concern as it is being compromised. One of the major signs is the increasing rate of health issues among Malaysian adults. Among the increasing illness include overweight issue which is a common root to problems such as diabeties, heart problems, kidney problems, and mental illness. It is proven through studies and reports that a certain types of behavior or bad habits directly contribute to the increase in no communicable diseases and death. And it is reported by Malaysia Ministry of Health reported that an estimation of 73 percent of deaths among Malaysians are caused by non-communicable diseases (MOH, 2017). Malaysians need to install a balance in their lifestyles to achieve a healthier living and overcome the high risks of potential health problems. According to World Health Organization a healthy lifestyle is defined as a way of living that lowers the risk of being seriously ill or dying early (WHO, 1999). The current lifestyle is a prove that most Malaysian are practicing an unhealthy diet. The hectic and busy lives cause most of the adults to Malaysian resort to eating fast food and outside food which could contain additives and…show more content…
These campaigns are targeted to bring down the overweight rate among Malaysians. Apart from government interventions to educate the population to be more cautious in eating, restaurants are offering healthier alternatives for normally unhealthy food and displaying calorie counts in their menus and groceries stores are offering a wide range of healthy food and

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