Health Management Information System (HMIS)

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Health Management Information System (HMIS) is a process of collection, processing, and reporting the relevant information to health care providers and managers for effective and efficient planning and service delivery. It is one of the critical elements of managing, in an integrated fashion, various public health programmes under the department of Health. Properly organized, implemented and used HMIS can alone contribute very significantly to improve program delivery and thus the outcome. Thus accurate, relevant and up-to-date information is essential for the health service providers /manager at all levels so that they can initiate action on the gaps in the system based on evidence and information. Conventionally, information from Sub-centers…show more content…
Delay in information flow. Non-standardisation of format. Ill matching of information data to information need. Over production of information. Difficult in retrieving the data. Under utilisation of available information. Poor feedback. Lack of linkages. PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES OF HMIS HMIS is an organized method of providing accurate, timely and relevant data. Its objective is to support the planning, monitoring and organizing function of managers. Therefore the first task in developing HMIS is to ensure that the system will help functionaries at all levels- at the field, programme managers and policy levels. TNA of Health functionaries in Bihar Page 25 Some of the expected benefits from a well functioning HMIS are: Increased utilization or productivity of resources Improved client satisfaction Improved health status of the population. The following is the standard guidelines for data entry, data aggregation and transmission, and data authorization. The guidelines are issued by the MoHFW to help the workers for better HMIS in the state. Guidelines for use Routine Health Management Information Systems: Guidelines for data entry, data aggregation and transmission, and data…show more content…
Data entry 1.1 Monthly Data entry is done every month in the different facilities using the facility wise formats that are assigned to each. The data entered in each of these formats should only correspond to the services that have been provided by the particular facilities for the month. In the case of the Subcentre, the services will include those provided in the facility and in the outreach area designated for the Subcentre. These include: a. For Subcentre a. HSC monthly MIES data set. b. Line listing format for births or Aggregated Line Listing for births in

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