Health Care Parameters

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Abstract— As the population is increasing worldwide, a huge need arises to provide proper health-care services. India is such a country, where the population keeps on rising every year and the government is not able to provide basic health care check-ups due to lack of a number of doctors in the country. The research focuses on measuring basic health parameters like pulse rate and body temperature using a microcontroller and develop an android app for appointment of doctor. In conventional system, patients have to physically wait in queues in order to get the appointment. The main objective of this paper is to reduce the time for the appointment and to increase the number of patients per day by doctor, as we know doctors per 1000 person is…show more content…
In India doctors per 1000 people is 0.7[1]. People suffer a lot due to a large number of lines in government hospitals. So, I have designed a health monitoring system along with appointment system. In this system, the health sensing device will collect the health monitored parameters and will display on the LCD. Then the patient will fill all his details on android app and fill the data from the health monitored device, transmit data to the cloud and get quick appoint. With this patient doesn’t have to wait in queues. These parameters check-up takes at least 2 to 3 minutes and by this doctor checking-ups of patients in a single day decreases by 20%. In earlier papers the researchers have used temperature sensor and pulse rate using Arduino and have transmitted data to through Zigbee[2]. Because they have used Arduino that does not make it cost effective and portable. As in this research work one IR sensor and one temperature sensor interfaced with PIC microcontroller along with an android app, which will schedule the appointment to the patient.This proposed work provide significance as, Using online scheduling it lesser the pain of the patient for booing appointment slot. This also saves monetary expenses of the staff paper work. This system also helps to check basic health…show more content…
Fig 1. Block diagram of proposed system
PIC18F452 microcontroller is used in this proposed work. Microcontroller has analyzed the ADC data and send the data and commands to the LCD to display heart rate and pulse rate on the LCD.
B. Sensors
Two sensors are used in this health monitoring system one is pulse rate sensor and other is temperature sensor.
A pulse rate sensor is used in order to check the heart rate of patient as a clinical data by using TCRT 1000 sensor. This sensor is based on IR technology. IR (TRCT1000) sensors are used in this thesis work for detecting the pulses of at the tip of the finger. It is a reflective type IR sensor which is working on 950nm range of light. IR detector is also inbuilt in this IR sensor. It provides fluctuation of pulses in MV range[4].
The second parameter that we have calculated is body temperature by using a 10k NTC thermistor. This works with a principal of temperature and resistance relationship. The thermostat that we have used in our work is NTC (negative temperature coefficient) means an increasing resistance temperature decreases and vice
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