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According to World Health Organization (WHO), health policy is defined as strategy, decisions and actions that are undertaken in order to achieve specific health care goals within society. Health policy can be in different forms such as written official government policy, policy maker’s verbal instruction, policy maker’s broad ideas or goals in manifestos and pamphlets or just as implied statements.

Health systems in South-East Asia vary considerably as countries are at different stages of development and have different political systems, but all are engaged in reforming the ways in which their health system is financed and organized (Phua, 2002; Chongsuivavatwong et al, 2011). Thus, it is very important for each country to compare and contrast their health policy internationally in order to provide best services for their nation.
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The numbers of registered doctors (excluding specialists) and nurses serving in the public institutions are 8819 and 12994 respectively. Whereas, the corresponding numbers for private sector are 3292 and 5140 (Department of Statistics Singapore, 2011).

Table 2.0 Hospitals, Hospital Beds, Registered Doctors and Registered Nurse Allocation
Source: Yearbook of Statistics Singapore, 2011

Singapore’s health policy by MOH consists of three aspects. First and foremost, the country is aimed to produce and developed a healthy population with preventive health cares and to motivate healthy lifestyles. Next, “3M” (Medisave, Medishield and Medifund) system also emphasized by Singapore’s MOH in order to nation improves personal responsibility towards healthy living. Lastly, the government has to keep the health-care costs down by controlling the supply side of the health-care services and providing heavy subsidies at public health-care
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