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Obesity is a major health and social problem not only in Malaysia but also around the world this problem very significantly until there has been a ‘globesiti’ to reflect the seriousness and global nature of the problem. 20.7% of the population adults have overweight while 5.8% more face obesity problems by (Ismail et al ,2002). The syndrome of overweight and obesity on an individual regardless of age, gender and height of the individual. obesity is a complex health problem related to calorie intake and energy consumption by the individual. According to a report National Task Force on the Prevention of Obesity (2000), the cases of obesity also identified stems and are closely related to genetic factors, hormone a imbalances, has as well as…show more content…
Problem statement
Menkaji masalah punca obesity (BAIKI LAGI JAGN LUPA )
In a world full of progress of science and technology that never find the full stop of the point in her development , we often neglect issues struck when awakened a balance diet habits in the community in our country, especially the students. A student or teenager exposed to danger as a result of unhealthy eating culture and certainly threaten health, but also affect the thinking of students. The needs of adolescents for food will affect health. This will be a problem for teenagers in food selection and consumption practices that do not properly thus has arisen the signs and symptoms of the disease inevitable. Many cause health problems around the world such as heart disease, diabetes, several types of cancer, gout, arthritis, etc. are detected through the history of food intake practiced since childhood and teenager again according by (karaagaoglu,2003 & Baltaci et al,2008).

Understanding of a healthy lifestyle is important in the life of a student. This is because the ideal weight will not result in students having problems in their daily lives to be students who excel in their studies. Accordingly, the researchers want to make a study on the effect of lifestyle on body weight ratio of students in colleges of influence feeding practices are taken, the effect of time management practices, leisure activities and practices influence weight Environmentally
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a person suffering from 20 percent more than normal weight. According to the international scale of someone who has a BMI (body mass index) of 18.5 to 24.9 kg is defined as normal weight. In addition, obesity in other words is obesity is considered a disease where there is excess fat accumulated in the body of a person until may affect health. Obesity also regardless of age, gender and height one. According to the National Task Force on the Prevention of Obesity (2000). The cases of obesity also identified stems and are closely related to genetic factors, as well as imbalance and illness factors current

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