Health Program Planning

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Planning and Organization of Health Programs for the Community • Health programs are a set of planned and organized activities carried out over time to accomplish specific health-related goals and objectives. • Health Program planning is a process in which an intervention is planned to help meet the needs of a specific group of people. • Example: Community Nutrition Program for Adolescent Anemia, School Health Program for Improving the health of the school children, Immunization program for Under five children etc., • The Process of planning and organization of health programs for the community involves a series of activities. • Public Health Nurse and many health planners use various models which guide the process of planning and organization…show more content…
Predisposing factor: “any characteristics of a person or population that motivates behavior prior to the occurrence of the behavior”; enabling factor: “any characteristics of the environment that facilitates action and any skill or resource required to attain a specific behavior.” Reinforcing factor: “any reward or punishment following or anticipated as a consequence of a behavior, serving to strengthen the motivation for or against the behavior.” The Nine Phases of the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model Phase 5: Administrative assessment: “an analysis of the policies, resources, and circumstances prevailing in an organization to facilitate or hinder the development of the health promotion program.” Phase 6: Implementation: “the act of converting program objectives into actions through policy changes, regulation, and organization.” Phase 7: Process evaluation: “the assessment of policies, materials, personnel, performance, quality of practice or services, and other inputs and implementation experiences.” Phase 8: Impact evaluation: “the assessment of program effects on intermediate objectives including changes in predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors, as well as behavioral and environmental changes.” Phase 9: Outcome evaluation: an “assessment of the effects of a program on its ultimate objectives, including…show more content…
• The target group(s). • The intervention approach. • The method(s) of communication for reaching the target group(s). • The plan of accomplishing the intervention objectives. PATCH - Phases Phase V: Evaluating PATCH • Evaluation is used to determine the success of the intervention and to monitor the entire PATCH process: • Is the intervention achieving its objectives? • Should the intervention(s) be changed, expanded, or repeated? MATCH (Simons-Morton, D., Simons-Morton, B., Parcel, & Bunker, 1988) Multilevel Approach toward Community Health • A health education planning model that consists of five phases, namely, goals selection, intervention planning, program development, implementation preparations, and evaluation. • Phase 1: Goal Setting Step 1: Select health-status goals Step 2: Select high-priority population(s) Step 3: Identify health behavior goals Step 4: Identify environmental factor goals MATCH - Phases • Phase 2: Intervention Planning Step 1: Identify the targets of the intervention (tia's) Step 2: Select the intervention objectives Step 3: Identify mediators of the intervention objectives Step 4: Select intervention
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