Health Promotion Model Analysis

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Applying Health Promotion Model to a Practice Problem It was learned from the first part of the paper that problem is inevitable and it is part of daily healthcare practice. One problem focused in the previous paper was about the safe staffing issues particularly about the safe staff level of nurses to patients. In this paper, the issue regarding safety staffing will be recalled by providing a brief summary of what was learned from the previous paper, and a middle range theory will be applied to the said problem. Applying a theory to intervene a healthcare issue can be done in providing nursing care and through the leadership and action of those in the administration of health care services. The middle range theory of Nola Pender’s Health…show more content…
The Health Promotion Model is the middle range theory utilized in the paper. It describes the multidimensional nature of persons as they interact within their environment to pursue health (Petiprin, 2016). It is also directed at increasing a patient's level of well-being. According to McEwen and Wills (2011), health promotion interventions are necessary for improving the health populations everywhere and on all ages. The Health Promotion Model makes four assumptions (Petiprin, 2016):
1 Individuals seek to actively regulate their own
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The utilization of the theory has helped promote health, prevent illness, and with the empowerment of the people and health care providers in South Africa. Health promotion was not limited to just preventing illness but also includes advocating for health needs, enabling people to achieve their highest health potential, and coordinating multiple sectors related to health promotion. The model is targeted to the nurses and their involvement in health promotion. The article revealed how the increase number of curative needs of people per nurse resulted to nurses feeling overwhelmed and unaware to the right approach to the dilemma. Thus, long-term networking and empowering of people is found the hallmark for a successful health promotion by this
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