Essay On Research In Health Care

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1. Background of Study
2. Problem Statement
3. Research Questions
4. Research Objective
5. Scope of Study
6. Significant of Study
7. Definition of Key Terms
Literature Review
Research Methodology
1. Development of Research Framework
2. Hypotheses Development
3. Research Design
4. Population and Sample Size
5. Data Collection Method
6. Variables and Measures
7. Data Analysis

The topic of the researcher will be discuss in this research paper is The Willingness to Spending on Healthcare evidence from Singapore. This research paper is start with introduction it includes background of the study, problem statement, research questions, research objectives, scope of study, significant of study and definition of key terms.

The phenomenal economic growth over previous years has resulted in a steady rise in general healthcare prices. Healthcare also known as a maintenance and securing of mental and physical health, especially through the provision of the medical services. Healthcare also are consumed the elder population to getting healthier
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It might be cause from the exogenous facts which is included a health price index, the income of household, and government expenditure on health. In the research also using a secondary data to measure all of factors and to get information about household healthcare expenditure and literature review was founded from internet materials such as journal and articles that need supported to all independent and dependent variables to conduct this research. Besides that, all the population in the Singapore are used. The sample of the population are household with receive their income as the indicator to measure household healthcare expenditure. All the data help the researcher to achieving the research

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