Health Self Determination Theory

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1. Why do we have an entire class devoted to Health Behavior Theory?(2 pts) What is its value or application to the field of Health Education/Promotion/Public Health?(2 pts) How do professionals in our field use theory to help address health-related problems? (2 pts)

• We have an entire class devoted to Health Behavior Theory because all of the theories teach us ways to influence better health practices whether it is on an individual level or group level. And by knowing the way people think or interact you can create sufficient interventions that will help alleviate the issue in a more appropriate manner.

2. In class we discussed Self-Determination Theory. Please present a discussion of this theory focusing on the following:
a. What are
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It is the most beneficial because this motivation comes from within and if you actually have the passion and interest to complete the task at hand it’s a higher chance that you’ll complete the goal. It becomes a personal goal and you are personally driven to accomplish it. Ex. If I want to complete graduate school because I feel it’s a personal goal of mines and its something I really want to do as opposed to if I was extrinsically motivated by what my peers expectations of me were I would successfully and happily complete graduate school if my intrinsic motivation was higher than my extrinsic motivation because my intrinsic motivation will have me be more susceptible to change because my goals will align with my values and I will look at me completing graduate school as a want and not a…show more content…
The Theory of Reasoned Action/Planned Behavior posits that intention is the best predictor of behavior. There are two key constructs that are thought to impact intentions.
a. What are these two constructs? (2 pts)
1. Subjective Norm
2. Attitudes
b. How do they relate to each other? (3 pts)

• They relate to each other because both play on emotions and beliefs toward a certain topic. Ex. If your subjective norm is that abortion and sex before marriage is bad because you grew up in a catholic church and everybody that is important to you believes that. Your attitude about it will mostly align with the subjective norm because you were taught to believe that growing and all the important people in your life think that.

c. What factors might contribute to each?(3 pts)
• Factors that contribute to attitude are beliefs about the behavior and the evaluation of the behavior. When you base your opinion on your attitude you think about if you have a negative or positive connotation about the outcome. Or what qualities will you gain for performing the behavior.

• Factors that contribute to subjective norm are normative beliefs and the motivation to comply. Subjective norm is big on complying with what other important people in your life think versus if you care what other people think (motivation to
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