Health: The Importance Of Health In Public Health

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To quote Mahatma Gandhi “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver.“ It is true – health is our greatest treasure. Most people understand the importance of health and wants to save it. Others start taking care of it only when it starts to slip out of their hands. In mos cases health servises is our only choice in ensuring well-being for ourselves. A specialised organisation whitch is responsible for ineternational public health is WHO – World Health Organisation. It is a part of United Nations Development Group. By the year of 2013, the WHO had 194 member states. A country becomes a full member of WHO after officialy agreeing to the Constitution of World Health Organisation. This organisation‘s main goal is to improve…show more content…
A research was carried out by World Health Organisation which found that France provide the best medical care in the world. Average life expectancy in there is 81 yaers. Medical care can be provided by public hospitals, non-profit independent hospitals and also by private for-profit hospitals. There is a lot of benefits in French health care system. First of all, no matter if a person has a job, is unemployed or even lives on the street, he has access to social security. Another great thing is that alternative therapies are covered by social insurance. Also, if a person chooses to get treatment from private clinics, his social security insurance will cover 70 per cent of the price. And those are only a few of the benefits of French health care. However, although this system sounds splendid, there are a few flaws in it too: low salaries of general practitioners, incredibly long queues for checkups (it could take up to several weeks for a regular checkup, and even a few hours in case of emergency). As we all see, French health system is no perfection. Yet even considering these and a few other disadvantages of this medical care system it still provides the best health care in the world. In conclusion, World Health organisation faces a lot of challenges. Different countries deal with different problems. United States has an issue of providing health insurance to all of the citizens. India’s health system has understaffing and unaffordable good quality medical care problems. France has a great care but provides low salaries for doctors and suffer from being overcrowded. In my opinion every care system has it’s benefits and outdraws. I hope in the future this situation will improve and there will be less challenges and issues to solve for
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