Health Triangle: What Is Social Health?

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Health Triangle What is Social Health? Social health is your ability to form a healthy relationship with someone. It also relates to your ability to adapt comfortably around others, you should also be able to seek and lend support and help to others when needed. Your communication skills with others are clear to others when you are talking to them. You also show respect for yourself and others. Social network includes your family, friends, teachers, and other people in your community. You don’t always have to have a large group of friends to have good social health because sometimes people are better off with a smaller group of friends and are happier that way, and are able to talk to their friends and family without feeling embarrassed…show more content…
Mental/Emotional Health is what affects on how you feel, and think. When you have positive thoughts about things your mental health is very good. When you have a positive mental health it allows people to realize their full potential cope with the stresses of life, they work productively and make meaningful contributions to their community, and they are more passionate and happy about their life, and things that mean most to them. How does it show when it affects you? You are not getting enough sleep, and eating to little. You are also pulling away from others and activities, you are experiencing severe mood swings that cause problems in your relationships, you are smoking, drinking, or doing drugs more than usual, and having low or no energy. They’re are more symptoms but these are the most symptoms, and symptoms that people are most familiar with and can notice more. When someone is feeling those ways, or doing those actions it is more safe to talk to someone before the situation escalates. I think that your mental health is really important because it really affects someone when they have bad mental health, and it sometimes shows in a person. Another reason is because it’s good to have a good mental health because you are more of a positive person, and are able to live a more simpler…show more content…
My goal for one of these health areas is to have better Mental/Emotional Health. I think that my mental health has issues that can be fixed by easy things, and be fixed by talking to someone about how I feel and how I can fix this and have better mental/emotional health. The reason why I think that I could have better mental health is because I sometimes get distant from things when I’m in a bad mood or upset about something. I will not want to talk about it with anyone because I feel like it helps me better when i keep it to myself other than tell others but telling someone about how you feel is better than keeping it in because it makes it

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