Healthcare Delivery Model Analysis

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A healthcare delivery model is a systematic approach of that aims at creating quality and better access to healthcare services. Different models exist but all are aimed at the same goals base their views on provision of care and the receiving of care. The model addresses both the patient and the caregiver as the main participants and aims to solve the issues they encounter. The care receiver being the main subject of model is the one who triggers all the consequent activities that are carried out within the requirements of the model. The care provider responds to the actions induced by the patient (Hughes, 2008). Therefore, the condition of the patient and the response of the caregiver is important in analysis of the healthcare delivery model.…show more content…
This assessment is done due to the hazards that are faced by the caregiver and the essential role of providing care to the patients. The assessment evaluates quality care that is being provided by the caregiver and suggests ways of improving it. The healthcare delivery model also addresses various ways to counter the hazards and best quality care since it involves and affects both the patient and the caregiver together with their families according to the documented twenty-five years of research carried out by…show more content…
The households involved added up to an estimate of 22.9 million households (Hughes, 2008). Additionally, the healthcare delivery model highlights that it is important for the nurses or doctors involved to address what should be done by both the patient and the caregiver for the improvement of skills and knowledge in regard to providing healthcare (Hughes, 2008). Details of the instructions provided by the nurse or the doctor should be taken into account to avoid activities contributing to low qualities of health care. In conclusion, care giving is a universal obligation associated with the acts of love and third party responsibility. One of the basic provisions of the healthcare delivery model is to address the quality of health and care services provided and the affected parties are the caregiver and the patient which makes the model a patient and caregiver centered. Care providers include family members and family friends. Reasonably, the whole issue of health affects both caregivers and patients underlining the importance of the healthcare delivery
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