Advantages Of Information Technology In Healthcare

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However, healthcare has not been able to fully exploit the advantages of IT as compared to other sectors. Technology, when applied to any sector, only acts as an enabler leading to automation and thus making processes efficient and effective. There are few domains in which technology fails to solve the real problem. Healthcare domain is one of them. Using IT helps the healthcare service providers to communicate and transmit information about the health status of the patient but they don’t really prevent the disease from infecting the patient. Wearables and other devices can only measure few of the physiological readings and inform the same to doctor and patient but can never attend to that physiological disorder. Doctors and patients feel that a clinical visit and personal interaction is necessary and must to cure the disease. Investing huge amount of money for such a technological breakthrough isn’t something that healthcare stakeholders are convinced of. Since understanding of medical terminologies requires special skills which the doctors gain during their education and experience, sharing of medical information is another concern that doctors are skeptical about. However, this particular aspect of medical information gap is being reduced day by day due to easy availability of information over the Internet. IT, though an important aspect of automation, reduces the speed of operation increasing the risk of medical error in healthcare sector.…show more content…
Medical staff, mainly the doctors and nurses tends to be very adverse to new technologies, especially those who are older, because they don’t usually understand the benefits that can be reaped out of technology [26]. Hence it is important to first verify the acceptance of healthcare professionals and check on the readiness of doctors to engage themselves with any of the applications of IoHT such as remote clinical

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