Healthcare War Room Analysis

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What is a healthcare war room? “The healthcare war room is a designated place, a room where healthcare professionals meet to brainstorm ways to improve the quality of patient care” (p 552). The majority of healthcare places have designated committees or projects to improve patient care and satisfaction. Generally, “ideas are chosen for pursuit must be assigned to a rainmaker, an individual who takes responsibility for a specific project, charting the course and leading the ship to its destination” (p. 552). As with any project or leadership group there is usually one individual that leads. “A rainmaker makes things happen, generates innovative new ideas and new business models, and takes the art of doing business to new levels” (p. 522).…show more content…
One of the major parts of completing the nurse residency program involves completing a project that would improve our specific units. I have formulated with my partner a few ideas to present to my manager, so that she can be informed as well as approve my project. First I thought about some of the issues that my unit has been facing recently. One problem that first came to mind is our units increased number of falls within the last month. Why have we all of a sudden been having patients fall more, within just the last month? What are some factors contributing the falls? What can the staff do to prevent falls from continuing to increase? I would like to investigate the falls that have occurred and work on a model to help staff and increase patient safety. Another issue that my partner brainstormed was the confusion and experience of our new hires get when they complete orientation. This topic brought up several questions between the two of us. What effects does having multiple different preceptors have on the new hires? How could we unify more of the techniques taught during orientation? How does the orientation directly affect patient care? We would like to survey the new hires and retrieve more
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