Healthier Lunches Essay

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Healthier is Happier Unhealthy foods produce unhappy students. Students who eat school pizzas, mozzarella sticks, and chewy brownies are unfocused, unhappy, and unaware of the benefits they are missing. Healthy lunches need to be instated in schools. Although people are far more likely to pick an unhealthy lunch, schools should implement healthier lunch options because doing so would improve students’ nutrient balance, behavior, and liking for beneficial foods. First of all, healthier lunches would improve a students’ nutrient intake by giving he or she every nutrient needed to keep him or her alert throughout classes. A typical snack for a student often includes eating snack cakes or donuts, rather than a carrot or banana. Bananas and carrots both have many nutrients that help with muscle relaxation and sight. A strong, steady nutrient intake will allow the student to feel more motivated throughout his or her classes, as opposed to how he or she would feel if their lunch continued to include undercooked brownies and a slice of pizza. Along with feeling more alert, a student’s behavior would also improve. Sugary foods bring the student energy for a while, but eventually that sugar rush will end, leaving an exhausted, sick-feeling student. When a student feels ill, his or her mood can change drastically, often causing a sour, upset…show more content…
The more a student eats the healthy food given to him or her, the more likely it is for the student to find a food he or she could stand to eat more than just once. Cutting out sugary snacks completely seems a bit extreme, but replacing a few with apples or oranges doesn’t seem too impossible. In addition, once finding this one, likeable food, there are surely more healthy snacks to come, which could easily lead the student to fulfilling a healthier lifestyle
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