Healthier School Lunches In The United States

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ROUGH DRAFT For the past few years in the United States school lunches did not have healthy programs that could help kids with their nutritional balance, now in days the government create a new program that can help school to have a better nutrition. School lunch’s in the United States need to be healthier, they are critical for the wellbeing of the majority of people from 6 to 18, and also set the pattern for a healthy life style throughout adulthood. First, in the United States most of the children’s need to be healthier because the food they consume is the energy they need for the rest of the day “when children’s don’t eat healthy lunch, it is harder for them to concentrate at school and to master the energy for after school activities …show more content…

It is spending money that we don’t have for a lunch with fruits and vegetables that we just throw away (4)”, students do not want just spend their money on food that is not even the half of the food they used to get in the previous lunch program, counting the price the lunches are higher and students are not happy with it. In addition, some students are choosing to get junk food, because the new federal lunch program do not appetize them “it was kind of ironic that we are downsizing the amount of food to cut down on obesity but kids are going and getting junk food to fill their hunger (6)”, so even if the federal is trying to involve the students to eat healthy, students would always pick the option more accessible for them, and that will fill their …show more content…

Some schools have gone down over the calorie amount they should serve in the meals “High school lunches top out at 850 calories, for middle schoolers it’s 700 calories, and elementary students receive just 650 calories (5)”, the amount of calories of school lunches should be higher, but without students wanting to eat the health program is going to be difficult to get this amounts

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